Baker's Dozen

The Baker's Dozen

Led by Krusteaz Culinary Specialist, Malia Hasegawa, the Krusteaz Baker's Dozen is a batch of talented bloggers who create tasty, unique and inspirational recipes for kitchens everywhere.

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Krusteaz Culinary Specialist, Malia Hasegawa

Malia has been a part of the Krusteaz family for over eight years and serves as the Culinary Specialist for the brand, while working with the talented Krusteaz Baker’s Dozen. She has the enviable job of spending her days in the Krusteaz test kitchen, collaborating with our corporate chef, creating new recipes, searching out food trends and supporting our own food scientists as they develop new products. Malia loves sharing new and easy ways to enjoy Krusteaz mixes in your own home. She enthusiastically enjoys all of life’s big and little moments and looks for any reason to have a celebration!

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The Domestic Rebel

Hayley Parker

Hayley’s a self-taught baker with easy recipes that taste like you’ve been baking all day.

Crazy for Crust

Dorothy Kern

Dorothy serves up her delicious desserts with a side of witty humor.

Butter with a Side of Bread

Jessica Williams

Mother of five, Jessica creates simple dishes with a spin that are crowd-pleasers.

A Classic Twist

Zainab Storms

Neuroscience student by day, cake-obsessed girl by night, Zainab loves to experiment.

Eat Move Make

Liz Mays

Liz and daughter, Chanelle, whip up tasty treats to show how food brings families together.

What’s Cookin’ Chicago?

Joelen Tan

Joelen is a food enthusiast, culinary instructor, former chef, and mom to a toddler.

Deliciously Sprinkled

Jenn Lehner

Jenn began her blog as a way to share all of her delicious dessert recipes with friends and family.

Averie Cooks

Averie Sunshine

Averie Sunshine started blogging as a way to share recipes, and what began as a little hobby, has turned into one of the best things she’s ever done.

Beyond Frosting

Julianne Bayer

Julianne is the owner and founder of Beyond Frosting, a dessert blog focusing on easy to create desserts for the novice chef and fun enough for even an experienced baker.

Pumpkin 'N Spice

Gayle Bialas

Gayle loves to bake and cook…but that wasn’t always the case! In college, she was teased by her friends for her lack of domestic skills, as she really didn’t know her way around the kitchen.

Seaside Baker

Jackie Bruchez

Seaside Baker, written by Jackie Bruchez, is a blog with all kinds of festive recipes. Jackie has always been fascinated by food, and about 5 years ago, Jackie's husband gifted her with a new camera and a domain name for Christmas.

Dad With A Pan

Derek Campanile

Dad With A Pan, written by Derek Campanile, is a food blog that encourages families to cook together and to spend more time at the table enjoying meals together.