20 Perfect Potluck Recipes

I enjoy hosting potluck dinners because it makes a meal so much less stressful when you don’t have to prepare all of it yourself! My family participates in quite a few potluck dinners throughout the year and I’m always trying to find ideas that are simple yet impressive and, most importantly, delicious enough to share! Krusteaz mixes are perfect for creating delicious dishes for potluck dinners because they make baking so quick and easy and the recipes turn out so well every single time! I’ve gathered together some amazing sweet and savory recipes that are perfect to take to your next potluck!



PINA COLADA MUFFINS - Add coconut and pineapple to add a tropical twist to a banana muffin mix!

BLUEBERRY LEMON CREAM BARS - Add a fun twist to lemon bars by adding fresh blueberries!

LEMON RASPBERRY COOKIE CUPS - Fill lemon cookie cups with raspberry filling for the perfect bite-sized treat!

RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE BARS - Add cream cheese to a traditional bar mix to create a very simple cheesecake recipe!

SNICKERDOODLE APPLE PIE BITES - No need to spend hours making an apple pie when you can whip up this miniature version in just a matter of minutes!

APPLE CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE - Turn a muffin mix into a delicious dessert by adding apples and cinnamon and turning it into a cake!

COCONUT ALMOND BROWNIES - Regular brownies become a decadent treat with the addition of a creamy coconut topping!

PEANUT BUTTER CRISPY BARS - Start with a peanut butter cookie mix and add a crispy peanut butter marshmallow layer for a treat everyone will love!

SNICKERDOODLE GOOEY BARS - Sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate chips turn snickerdoodles into a decadent treat for the whole crowd!

PEANUT BUTTER S’MORES BARS - Add graham crackers, peanut butter cups and marshmallow cream to a peanut butter cookie mix to make this yummy treat!

TOFFEE COOKIE BARS - Making bars is so much faster and easier than forming individual cookies - and bars are easy to serve to a crowd!



TENNESSEE CORNBREAD SALAD - Crumble cornbread and add some veggies to make a wonderful salad to share!

CHEESY VEGETABLE TARTS - Use a pie crust mix to create individual sized vegetable tarts for a wonderful appetizer that is easy to serve!

CORNBREAD SPINACH BITES - Bite-sized appetizers are so easy to serve at a party and these little cheesy appetizers will be a hit at your next potluck!

BACON & CHEDDAR MINI CORN LOAVES - You can’t go wrong when you add bacon and cheese!

MEATBALL CALZONES - Calzones can be made very quickly when you use a flatbread mix!

HOT CAESAR DIP - Dips are perfect for potlucks!

TOMATO & CHEESE SQUARES - Everyone at the potluck will think you spent hours making a homemade crust for these delicious cheese and tomato topped squares! They’ll never guess you started with a mix!

MINI CORN DOGS - Use a pancake mix to make corn dogs that everyone will love!

CARAMELIZED PEAR, BACON & BRIE BITES - Bring the fanciest appetizer to the potluck when you make these delicious bite-sized pies!

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