Bunny Fun

Well… somehow the year is flying by, spring will have sprung by this weekend, and we’re already on month #3 of the Free Printable Blog Hop! Our theme for this month is Easter, and since I’m just wrapping up a brand-new Shabby Chic Easter party collection for Hostess INK and my brain is totally in that mode, I thought it would be fun to make this month’s free printables match!

There are lots of fun uses for these little Shabby Chic Bunny Silhouettes… my original intention was to create a decorative paper garland (as shown in image #3, below) – but I also discovered that they look pretty dang cute as gift bottle tags (champagne brunch, anyone?) or party favor bag accents… especially when decked out with a cute little craft pom “cotton tails!” Download the bunnies here, and make sure to scroll down for links to lots more FREE Easter Printables from all the lovely ladies participating in the Blog Hop. Enjoy! :)

For the Paper Bunny Garland (pictured below), I used a 1" flower-shaped craft punch + mini yellow poms to make small flower dividers for in between the bunnies… it felt like they needed a cute little accent. If you don’t have a flower punch, little paper or ribbon flags would do the trick too!

P.S. Just a a reminder, when hand-cutting the bunnies you don’t need the cut lines to be perfect at all. Just leave a small white border all the way around, and the human eye will be drawn to the edge of the artwork instead of the white border, giving the edges a much more “perfect” appearance than they may be in reality. Don’tcha love it when things work out that way. ;)


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