Game Night!


I love winter and all of the fun activities and events that come with it. I even love snow, lots of snow! However, after the holidays have passed, and it is bitter cold outside, keeping children (and even adults) entertained can be a little difficult. Thankfully I have an easy solution for the winter blues, game night! It is always our favorite winter go to. You may be thinking, but we’ve tried that and it’s boring—don’t worry there are lots of way to change up game night!

Game Cabinet Refresh – Having a game cabinet can makes hosting game nights really easy, but after a while it can become cluttered. Often this is because games have been over played and no longer stir up any excitement. Or maybe the dog chewed all the parts – no fun for sure! Adding new games to your rotation will keep you eager to try them out and spend more time enjoying games together. If you’re looking for a more frugal option try hunting second hand stores or even yard sales for pre-loved games, you can really stock the cabinet this way! When all else fails how about a trade? Put the word out your looking to swap some games with other families, you won’t believe how many different games you’ll come across. 

Host A Tournament – A little friendly competition can really turn up the fun and get people joining in. With a little prep work, you can set up a tournament! The games can be card games, electronic game systems, boards games, physical games, memory based games, or even a mix. Whether you’re playing as singles in a small group or set up in teams in a large group, the concept is the same starting with everybody and dwindling down to one person of one team as the winner. But be prepared, bragging rights lasts till next game night! And Grandma, well she might just have the best poker face around.

Pick A Prize, Any Prize - Of course if you’re looking for some bonus points, prizes are always an option! Get creative here: dibs on picking dinner, silly homemade trophies, chore passes, remote control power day, dollar store candy, candy bag “medals”, next game night pick? Even the smallest of prizes help people come out of their shell and get a little competitive. Of course in places of prizes there are always wagers to be made – loser does the dishes?

A Little Snacks Go A Long Way – Let’s face it, no event big or small should go without snacks. Snacks make everything more fun! Before game night take a little time to prep snacks/food and have them ready to go as the fun begins. It’s not easy as a host to take part in a game if you’re stuck prepping in the kitchen! If you can, set the food out near your guests—this keeps people from leaving the room and game!

Speaking of snacks…you’re going to need some tasty treats to keep those gamers bellies full and happy. How about some of these go-to gaming snacks from Krusteaz to get your game night going!

  1. Tomato & Cheese Squares: These savory squares make a great warm snack for game players. You guests will be impressed with the fresh and fun new menu item for sure! 
  2. Caramelized Bacon & Onion Bites: Bacon. I mean, need I really say more? Everybody loves bacon! These little bites are great to make ahead of time and the perfect finger food to pop and play.
  3. Toffee Cookie Bars: Everybody loves dessert so you won't want your game night to go without! These toffee bars are super easy to make and even easier to serve on a platter while guest are getting their game on!
  4. Double Decker Gooey Bars: As I said above you just can't go wrong with cookie bars, easy to make and easy to eat. Everybody loves the winning combination of chocolate and peanut butter!