Outdoor Entertaining

It's officially summer and we're taking advantage by doing our fair share of outdoor entertaining this year! We often have monthly themed dinner parties with our friends and the summer months are especially fun. Incorporating some easy items with the help of Krusteaz is a great time saver so I can focus on creating those special moments with friends and family at our gatherings. With the menu below, I can even have guests involved by having them (kids especially!) be interactive with the food. An upcoming dinner party I'm hosting is an Italian Summer Soireé with the following menu... 

  • Assorted Grilled Krusteaz Flatbread Pizzas: Guests can enjoy topping their flatbreads with an array of toppings I set out. They can customize it to their preferences and watch as we cook them on the grill.
  • Bruschetta & Crostini Bar: My mom has shown me how important it is to provide options for my guests. Since my mom is a picky eater, I like offering items that everyone can experiment with colors, flavors and textures. This Bruschetta & Crostini Bar will allow guests to have fun with spreads, toppings and more.
  • Caprese Pops: These are a favorite Italian appetizer of mine. Aside from representing the colors of Italy's flag, these Caprese Pops are light, refreshing and so easy to make (and eat!)... Just skewer a grape tomato and bocconcini on a sturdy toothpick and drizzle with olive oil. 
  • Italian Charcuterie Board: My husband will tell you how much I love charcuterie boards. Leave me with some cheese, crackers, fruit and some salami and I'm in heaven! That said, a simple charcuterie board is a must!
  • Krusteaz GF Brownie Tiramisu: I will be taking Krusteaz's GF browning mix and transforming into an amazing dessert with a nod to an Italian favorite.
  • Italian Soda Station & Sangrias: Lastly, I wanted to do something fun and different for our drink station. I'll be setting up an area for guests to make Italian sodas. Colorful, sweet and a little fizzy, I'm excited to make one myself!

However you decide to celebrate the season over a grill or even outdoors, have fun and do it deliciously!