Party On!

Your one stop post for décor and menu ideas that will rock your NYE.

Since joining the Baker's Dozen, I've worked on a handful of recipe videos for Krusteaz, and this recipe is actually my personal favorite of the bunch... I hope you like it too! The combo of sauteed pears and creamy Gorgonzola is such a yummy mix of sweet & savory, and the candied walnut garnish adds a nice bit of crunch. The layered pear slices also make for a very pretty visual display, which is always a great quality when serving at a party!

I used Krusteaz Italian Herb Flatbread Mix for the crust. It bakes in 10 minutes flat and keeps things fast & easy in the kitchen...which is exactly how I need them to be most of the time, myself. ;)

You'll find the Pear & Gorgonzola Flatbread recipe below, or watch the video for a tutorial. My favorite ways to serve this flatbread are in generous slices alongside a hearty salad or cut into small rectangles for a festive appetizer.

P.S. If you're on the lookout for holiday party inspiration, you'll find plenty of that below, too, from a few of my favorite DIY decor ideas to festive printables you can download for free. Happy Holidays!


I kept the look of these painted pears and their printable paper leaves pretty simple so that the positive sentiments on the leaves would really stand out. The pears are covered in acrylic white paint, and a few of them were also color-blocked with metallic gold spray paint. The leaves are attached with small dabs of hot glue.


Next up is one of my personal staples... party flags! You can attach them to toothpicks, straws, or bamboo skewers (to create drink stirrers).


DIY garlands are another party staple, so I did 2 types of them here: a mini tabletop garland made from sparkly ribbon cut into little flags, and paper circle garlands made from printable patterned paper, fishing wire, and 2 sizes of circle craft punches.


I needed something to cover the green floral foam I used to fill the vases, but didn't have time to run to the store before we shot the video, so I looked around and found extra bags of lima beans in the pantry and gold spray paint in the garage... Totally random solution, I know, but it actually worked out great! You just never know what will do the trick when you're in a pinch. :) For fun DIY ideas and free printables, go to