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Malia and our Baker's Dozen team have come up with loads of brilliant recipes for any meal or
occasion (no one has to know your secret source).

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Spooky Soiree

We’ve already featured a ton of inspiring Halloween parties from many creative & talented people this year, so I wanted to do a different sort of

Adults Table

This year we are going on vacation over Thanksgiving to visit some good friends of ours so I will not be hosting thanksgiving this year. Thank goodness {ha!}

Leftovers for All!

Exactly a week from today, many of us may have Thanksgiving leftovers staring at us in the fridge. Perhaps you'll warm them up and enjoy them as is or you'll

Cheesy Corn Filled Corn Muffins

I bet you have a big holiday dinner coming up, don’t you? Full of ham or turkey, lots of salads and sides, desserts and breads. It’s a LOT of work. A lot.So I

Giant Triple Chocolate & Citrus Cookies

What a mouthful, right? Truly, and in every sense of the word. A MOUTHFUL.I simply popped open one of the Krusteaz box mixes, added a few of my own touches,

Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Waffle Cakes

Mixed berry cream cheese waffle cakes. <—- Next level. Start with a box of Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix. S’important. You’ll add a fresh strawberry/berry

Holiday Party Favorite

Embedded thumbnail for Holiday Party Favorite

Everything you love about the holidays wrapped into one little muffin! This simple recipe creates super impressive eggnog cheesecake stuffed pumpkin muffins

Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

For the many kiddos heading back to school, it can be fun. You’re reunited once again with your pals, you have a fresh start to a new year, and the first week

Fun & Festive Creative Pancakes

Embedded thumbnail for Fun &amp;amp; Festive Creative Pancakes

Here’s the bad news: fall’s here.The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting chillier. Which means you’ll need to get creative to get everybody


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