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Party Favorite

Everything you love about the holidays wrapped into one little muffin! This simple recipe creates super impressive eggnog cheesecake stuffed pumpkin muffins

Brunch Egg-stravaganza!

I was recently invited to design an Easter Brunch Tablescape inspired by a few of my favorite items from Target. Um…twist my arm? ;)  Pretty sure I’ve

Mom's the Word!

Mother’s Day is coming up quick, but there’s still time to do something special for Mom – especially with the help of free printables! Speaking of which… there

Love Mom a Bunch

Quick, simple, healthy, and affordable. Specialty shops charge a fortune for fruit pop bouquets, but now you can make them at home for a special and unique

Jello Worms

Apparently, Halloween brings out the non-food-snob in me, since this is the first week in three years that has brought me to post a hot dog (cue husband

Flavored Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasting your own homemade pumpkin seeds is half the fun of carving a pumpkin. After carving my cupcake jack-o-lantern, I made sure to rinse off the seeds to

Spooky Soiree

We’ve already featured a ton of inspiring Halloween parties from many creative & talented people this year, so I wanted to do a different sort of

Cheesy Corn Filled Corn Muffins

I bet you have a big holiday dinner coming up, don’t you? Full of ham or turkey, lots of salads and sides, desserts and breads. It’s a LOT of work. A lot.So I

Giant Triple Chocolate & Citrus Cookies

What a mouthful, right? Truly, and in every sense of the word. A MOUTHFUL.I simply popped open one of the Krusteaz box mixes, added a few of my own touches,


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