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Cranberry Cinnamon Swirl Cobbler Bars

Celebrate cranberry season by turning everyone’s favorite fall berry into perfect bite-sized cobbler bars. Prep Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 45

Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Double Chocolate Brownies

Prep Time: 30 minutesTotal Time: 1 hour 20 minutesServings: 16 servings Brownies:1 package Krusteaz Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownie Mix1/3 cup water1

Breakfast Pizza

This recipe was created by Christi Johnstone, Love From the Oven http://www.lovefromtheoven.comBreakfast PizzaPrepPrep Time 15 min Total Time 30 min Servings

Banana Nut Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Prep 10min Total Time 50 Minutes Servings 12  Ingredients:2 ripe bananas1 package Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake Mix ⅔ cup water1 egg⅔

Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Prep Time: 3 hours 20 minutesTotal Time: 3 hours 30 minutes Serves: 36 Ingredients:2 packages Krusteaz Butter Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix2 eggs2/3 cup

Cranberry Orange Swirl Muffins

These cranberry orange swirl muffins will be a holiday favorite with spiced eggnog, orange zest and cranberries. They are the perfect on-the-go breakfast.

Peppermint Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Pie

This Peppermint Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Pie is an easy dessert that’s full of holiday flavors. A buttery sugar cookie crust envelopes creamy peppermint ice

Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree

Prep time: 10 minutesTotal time: 30 minutesYields: 5 cookie trees Ingredients1 package Krusteaz Butter Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix1 large egg½ cup softened

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bark

// I’ve been making peppermint bark for as long as I can remember, and the other day when I baked a batch of cookies, I started thinking…hmmmm, I wonder


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