Summer Entertaining

The sun is shining, the grill’s heating up, and the kids are playing nicely (for the next 5 minutes anyway). So pour everybody something nice and cold, pass the snacks and relax. Ahhhh the joys of summer! 


Real food makes for a really great time.

The Perfect Side

Goes with whatever you're grilling

Backyard Brunch

Keep it light and easy!

Sunshine in a Bar

The sweet, golden taste of summer



Extra credit inspiration to complete your theme.


Sunny Summer Memories

Fire up the grill, it's a party!

A Slice of Heaven

Raspberry Lemon Cream Cheese Loaf!

Best. Cobbler. Ever.

Cinnamon Peach & Blueberry—oh my!

Baker to Baker

Where everyone shares nicely.

For more bakery-style presentation, glaze formed dough with olive oil and top with fresh or dried herbs or seeds before baking. 

More Holidays/Occasions

Recipes and Ideas to cover you throughout the year.