Anyone who says there’s an easy way to cook Thanksgiving dinner is probably serving bologna sandwiches. This year’s game plan: minimize time and effort on a few tasty key dishes while serving real food that’s baked to impress.


Real food makes for a really great time.


Some savory bites in case the turkey needs another hour.

Main Side

You just won Thanksgiving with homemade stuffing.

Extra Credit Side

You'll be starting a new family tradition with this one.

Still Have Room?

Bring on the mouth watering desserts!

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Trifles

An easy no-bake dessert

Pumpkin Cookie Pie

Because it's pie season

Baker to Baker

Where everyone shares nicely.

Holiday Cornbread Stuffing

Ditch the dry stuff and go with a tasty cornbread base — plan ahead and let it sit out overnight to get the perfect texture.

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