How to Read Our Date Code

Product Shelf Life

Continental Mills retail "Best By" date codes are based on date of manufacture. For the best quality, we suggest that all products be used within the recommended guidelines listed below. Under proper storage conditions (cool, dry location out of direct sunlight), our products will meet acceptable quality expectations as follows:

Cereal, Dessert Mixes, Peanut Butter Cookie and Pie Crust Mix 12 Months
Bread Mixes 18 Months
Cookie (except Peanut Butter), Brownies and Muffin Mixes 18 Months
Pancake and Waffle Mixes 24 Months

Small Boxes (Retail Boxes)

Continental Mills products have a Best By Date and Manufacturing Code printed in a blue box on the bottom outside flap of the package. This code tells us important information about the manufacturing of this product. The code reads as follows:

Best by: Suggested Date to use the product to ensure best taste and performance (i.e.: 07/30/12)

The next three letters (i.e.: DFD) indicates plant information.

The following 4 numbers (13:27) are a time stamp.

Using the example below: 07/30/12 indicates the 'best if used by' date. DFD is our Plant Information. 13:27 is the time the product was produced.

Manufacturing Code example

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