Protein All-Purpose Baking Mix

Pack a protein punch into all of your favorite baked goods without sacrificing on taste!

Primary Prep, Ingredients & Nutritional Info

Nutrition Facts

All-Purpose Baking Mix Nutritional Panel
Pancake Prep w/ MilkWaffle PreparedBlueberry Muffin PreparedBiscuit PreparedCookie PreparedMix Only
ServingAbout 3, 4" pancakes% DVAbout 1/2, 7" waffle% DVAbout 2, 2oz muffins% DVAbout 2 biscuits% DVAbout 1 cookie% DV1/3 cup mix% DV
Total Fat3.5g4%11g14%15g19%12g15%8g10%1.52%
Saturated Fat1.5g8%2g10%3g15%7g35%4.5g23%00%
Trans Fat0g0g0g0g0g0g
Total Carbohydrate32g12%22g8%35g13%24g9%17g6%20g7%
Dietary Fiber3g11%2g7%5g18%3g11%1g2%2g7%
Total Sugars9g6g8g6g12g4g
Added Sugars3g6%2g4%3g6%2g4%12g24%2g4%
Vitamin D0.9mcg4%0.5mcg2%0.2mcg0%0.3mcg0%0.1mcg0%0mcg0%
Iron 1.6mg8%1.2mg6%2.1mg10%1.3mg8%1.2mg6%1.2mg6%


Whole wheat flour, wheat protein isolate, nonfat milk, sugar, whey protein isolate (milk protein), leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), salt, soybean oil.

CONTAINS: Wheat, Milk.

Refer to the package for the most current ingredient information.

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