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How to Use Gluten Free Almond Flour

If you’re looking for a gluten free alternative in your baking routine, Almond Flour is an option you’ll go nuts over. 

What exactly is almond flour?

No trickery here – almond flour is exactly what it sounds like! After being blanched to remove the outside layer of skin, raw almonds are ground and sifted into a fine flour texture that can be used for a variety of baking needs. Almond flour is a great option for those looking for a gluten free or paleo alternative to regular flour.

Do I need to treat almond flour differently from regular flour?

Yes, and here’s why:

1. Store for optimal freshness.

Due to the oils in almonds, the flour should be stored in either the refrigerator or freezer to prevent oxidation. Almond flour can last approximately 6 months in the refrigerator and extend to one year if being stored in the freezer. To check if your flour is still fresh, give it the smell check! Flour that has gone bad will have an unpleasant scent and a bitter taste.

2. Bake by the book.

Due to its moisture levels, almond flour can be a bit more high maintenance when it comes to baking. Because measurement conversion ratios tend to differ, we recommend starting with recipes that have already been tested. Make sure to follow these recipes exactly to ensure the best outcome!

3. Let it breathe.

Our first instinct when baking with almond flour might be to pack as much as we can into the measuring cup; but, this will make your recipe overly thick and dense. Instead, very gently scoop your almond flour and lightly level off with a knife.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize.

In comparison to all-purpose flour, almond flour may accelerate baking time for certain recipes. Because of this, it’s essential to stay vigilant. After baking is complete, make sure to let your fresh treats completely cool down before digging in. As delicious as it smells, patience is key here!

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