FOr Makers

Inspiring and empowering
Makers everywhere

Feeding Great Futures.

We’re partnering with Boys & Girls Club of America to combat food insecurities across the country. Our “Feeding Great Futures” partnership includes support for food security-related programming in clubs across the nation with additional support for clubs near our company locations in Kansas, Kentucky and Washington.

Stirring up special, together.

We’re here for the Makers who take joy in the making. The clever, creative and inventive who turn ordinary into wow and make every day delicious. If the kitchen is your happy place, you’ve come to the right spot. Throw yourself into the mix and let’s make something amazing!

Meet our original Maker.

Rose Charters’ ingenious creation—a pie crust both delicious and easy to make—shook up the baking world in 1932. She cleverly combined “crust” and “ease” and Krusteaz® was born. Rose’s spirit of innovation and drive to rise above the routine continues to inspire us today, creating mixes that unleash our makers’ ingenuity and spark joyful experimentation.

Our favorite ingredient is you.

We bring delicious quality mixes. From pancakes to muffins to cornbread, made by creative cooks for creative cooks. You bring your enthusiasm and imagination to make your own kind of special. Together, we make amazing mmmoments!

Make Krusteaz®, make a difference.

Our Krusteaz® Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Program helps organizations such as schools, public charities and hospitals raise funds. Over 40 million Krusteaz® pancakes have been served since 2007.