How To Make The Perfect Pancake

Have you ever wondered how the pancake pros make their Krusteaz® pancakes? Here’s the be-all-end-all guide to making absolutely perfect pancakes.

Non-Stick is the Way to Go!

The best pancakes are made using a non-stick electric griddle and cooking in the middle. Why the middle? The outsides tend to have cold spots and the corners will be the lowest temp. Heat to 375 degrees to maximize golden brownness and make sure you pre-heat!

If you’re using a pan, make sure it’s non-stick and set to medium-high temp. For thinner pancake, medium high is great. For thicker batter, medium heat so they don’t burn.

Getting the Right Temp is Easy

PRO TIP: To check the temp, drop a little water on your pan or griddle, and if the water dances around the pan, you’re good to go.

Now It’s Time to Oil the Pan

Lightly grease with butter or oil (spray works great!) then use a paper towel to wipe of excess. A little goes a long way. If you want crispy spots on your pancake, use butter and don’t wipe off.

But Wait, It Gets Batter 

Make sure you use a whisk and cold water. Don’t over mix or your pancakes won’t get fluffy. Let the batter setup for 2 min or it won’t be hydrated, and you can end up with dry lumps in your pancake. The leavening doesn’t activate if you don’t let it rest before cooking.

Size Matters

Use a cookie scoop or a ¼ cup measuring cup so you get even sized pancakes that get done at the same time. If you want silver dollar pancakes or pancake cereal, use a squeeze bottle of batter.  

Let’s Get Cooking

Now we have our batter, our griddle is pre-heated and we’re ready to make the perfect stack. Cook your pancakes for 75 seconds on each side and use a timer.

We know bad habits die hard, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t spank your hotcakes with a spatula or they’ll lose fluffiness!

If you’re adding blueberries, chocolate chips or some other delicious ingredient, they will sink if you put them in the batter bowl. Instead, scoop the batter on the griddle and add the blueberries/chocolate chips onto the batter while it cooks.

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