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Make café-style Belgian waffles with our easy-to-use mix.


The best Belgian waffle – made right in your very own kitchen.

Looking to add a little variety to your pancake mix lineup? We’ve got something you’ll like. No need to pay the big bucks for an international trip; Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix transports your taste buds straight to Europe. 

Put that recently-gifted-by-your-in-laws waffle iron to good use. All you need is an egg and some oil to get started with our Belgian waffle mix. Even better, you’ll be able to report back how much use you’ve gotten out of their gift (and the best part is, you won’t be lying). 

Think about all of the times you’ve started your day in a good mood. Chances are, they started with the promise of a delicious and fulfilling breakfast you’ve been thinking about all week. This is where Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix comes in. With our easy and quick mix, you’ll be whipping up a balanced breakfast of crisp yet fluffy deliciousness that will have you feeling happy all day long. This may sound a little ambitious, but that’s how confident we are in our mixes.

Looking for something a little “extra” to satisfy that sweet tooth? Get ready to be wowed by our Cinnamon Churro Belgian Waffle Mix. Just as easy to prepare as our original Belgian waffle mix, these boast a decadent cinnamon-sugar flavor and perfectly crispy texture that will give your favorite dessert a run for its money. Finishing your day with a delicious stack of Krusteaz cinnamon churro waffles will make for some pretty sweet dreams. 

Already an avid maker of waffles and wondering what you need to do to get more creative in the kitchen? We thought you’d never ask. We’ve spent years creating a space for our favorite Belgian waffle recipes to live. From savory to sweet, we have just about every recipe you could think of. Didn’t know cheddar and sage belonged in Belgian waffles? Well, we’ve got some news for you. Craving ice cream with a bit of a twist? Say “hello” (and “goodbye” after eating in two bites) to our Belgian waffle banana split

With Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix, an adventurous breakfast is just a couple of ingredients away. So, plug in that waffle iron, grab that mixing bowl, and turn on your favorite tunes. It’s time to make Belgian waffles a weekly household menu item. You might just discover some tasty surprises in the kitchen. Spoiler alert: Belgian waffles make fantastic sandwich bread.