Tailgating is Here!

Tailgating Muffins

Tailgating season is upon us! If you're big fans of tailgating like me (regardless of what team is playing), then you'll definitely appreciate the many opportunities to come up with a great menu to serve up on game day!

Some of my favorite game day spreads include bowls of hearty chili with cornbread. Krusteaz has easy to make mixes for Honey Cornbread and even savory Southern Cornbread. The mixes allow for your own creativity by adding additional mix ins such as bacon, cheese, herbs - the possibilities are endless! Prepare the cornbread in grab and go muffin portions or in a baking pan, cut into squares.

If you have a package of Krusteaz Pancake mix, think outside the box and use the pancake mix as a great coating for wings! Season your wings as desired, dredge in pancake mix and fry up until golden. The pancake mix adds a nice subtle sweetness and delivers a wonderful crunchy exterior. You can even season your pancake mix with any spice blend you'd like for more flavor. And once the wings are done, enjoy as it or lightly coat them in some buffalo wing sauce, bbq sauce or Italian dressing!

For dessert, Krusteaz will definitely have you covered. Try these Pumpkin Maple Whoopie Pies, made with their Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix! They are easy, quick and fun to make with kids, especially during the fall months. Use your choice of sprinkles for added color for a festive touch!

Or another option and personal tailgating fave of mine are the Magic Shortbread Bars, made with Krusteaz Shortbread Cookie Mix. These are especially great for a tailgate because they are portable and are loaded with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans, and even toasted coconut. 

Be sure to check out Krusteaz for the above recipes and more delicious tailgating ideas to try out this season! There's plenty of sweet and savory recipes to choose from using Krusteaz baking mixes that you'll want to tailgate every weekend!