Baby Shower

No one wants to fill up at a shower with hot and heavy main dishes, especially the guest of honor! We’ve got a few ways to keep it light and fresh for everyone. 

Tip  Practice 2am Feedings

Send the mom-to-be home with an extra flatbread for late-night munchies.

Menu Ideas:

Little Guilt Grilled Flatbread
Hot Reuben Dip
Amazing Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Little Guilt Grilled Flatbread

Prep 30 min Total Time 40 min Servings 6-8



1 package Krusteaz Italian Herb Flatbread Mix

1 cup very warm water (115-125°F)

1/4 cup vegetable oil



2 cups cooked ground turkey or turkey sausage

1 1/2 cups chopped fresh spinach

1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese, drained

Parmesan cheese, optional

  1. //Heat grill to 450°F - 475°F.
  2. //Stir together Krusteaz Italian Herb Flatbread Mix and yeast (enclosed). Add warm water and oil, stirring until dough forms a ball. Cover dough and let rest 20 minutes. Shape dough by dividing into 4 equal portions according to desired yield.
  3. //With floured hands, pat out dough 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick, forming desired shape.
  4. //Place on hot grill. Grill for 5-minutes, flip and layer toppings evenly. Grill until crust is cooked and cheese is melted. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, if desired.

Made with Krusteaz Mix

Our Italian Herb Flatbread Mix is a great base for whatever you’re in the mood for. Here we topped it with a light and savory mix of ground turkey, spinach and ricotta.

Try It With:

Berry spritzers
Roasted asparagus
Fruit salad with yogurt



More is better when it comes to recipe ideas.