Easy Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes

These hot fluffy golden brown cakes topped with a simple sprinkling of powdered sugar are so much easier to make than you can imagine. My secret ingredient for these is using pancake mix, so this batter comes together with just a few ingredients and you can fry it up right on the stovetop. And how cute is this apron from Ruffled Frenzy?! [Video] I pour the batter into a plastic sandwich baggie so it is easy to squeeze the batter right into the pan. Let this cook for about 30 seconds to 1 minute until it’s nice and golden brown on the bottom. Then flip the funnel cake over with some tongs and cook the other side, about 30 seconds or until you get that rich deep golden color. Then, transfer the funnel cakes to a paper towel lined plate. A little powdered sugar on top, and you have got the ultimate County Fair Food, right at home in minutes. Enjoy sinking your teeth into sweet pillows of fried dough with that crispy outside and the fluffy inside. YUM!

Easy Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes


Prep Time: 5 min Total Time: 20 min Servings: 8 (5-inch) funnel cakes


Vegetable oil for frying
1 cup Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix
1/4-1/3 cup water
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Powdered sugar for topping


Add enough oil to a skillet so it comes about halfway up the side of an 8-inch skillet, and heat it on medium heat until it reaches 360°F. Spoon pancake mix into a 1-cup measuring cup and level it off.

Whisk together the water, egg and vanilla. Whisk in pancake mix. Pour batter into a squeeze bottle, empty and clean ketchup bottle, or plastic sandwich baggie with the corner snipped off. Test oil to make sure it is hot enough by dropping a small dot of batter in the pan. It should fry golden brown and sizzle quickly without burning. When oil is ready, quickly squeeze the batter in a circular motion into the frying pan.

Cook about 30 seconds-1 minute until golden brown on the bottom. Flip funnel cake and cook the other side, about 30 seconds or until golden brown. Remove from the oil and transfer to a paper towel lined plate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve warm.